Child Protection Policy



Good practice includes valuing and respecting children as individuals; this will always exclude bullying, racism, sectarianism or sexism.

I will respect the confidentiality of all personal information imparted to me, except where this affects the right of children to be protected from harm.

Any physical contact with pupils is open to misinterpretation. I am extremely aware of the boundaries of appropriate and inappropriate touch and avoid using any physical contact unless absolutely necessary (eg if a child is taken ill during a lesson). I have been DBS checked.

Parents are always welcome to sit in on their child’s lesson. I teach in a room at the front of my house and keep blinds and curtains open at all times. Parents are provided with information on who else might be in the house while lessons are taking place.

I will not take pupils alone in a car on journeys, however short, without the parent’s prior agreement. I do not communicate with pupils via Facebook or using other informal communication tools and only via their own mobile phone with parents’ permission.

I will always ask permission if I wish to take pictures of children. I will not use those pictures on my website or business facebook page without the express permission of both parents and pupils.

Parents and carers are asked to supply emergency contact details and to fill in a form on any health needs and allergies the pupil may have that may require physical attention. They will be asked about any special educational needs the child may have. This is only so I can adjust my teaching methods if required. They are also asked to be clear about who is collecting pupils. I will not allow pupils to leave by themselves without the written permission of a parent or carer. All information supplied will be treated as strictly confidential.

A Contact & Child Protection Form can be downloaded from my Useful Information page.

(Compiled in accordance with guidelines supplied by the Incorporated Society of Musicians)