Making a noise for Ghana


We had a very exciting day on Thursday!

Jemma Williams from ‘Porridge and Pens’ came to collect the percussion instruments we bought for the Brightlingsea Free School in Ghana with the money raised at our end of term garden party.

We raised a brilliant total of £260 – including donations from Brightlights and Brightlingsea WI, for which we are very grateful.

This enabled us to buy 12 egg shakers, 10 castanets, 6 metal shakers, 8 maracas, 6 guiros, 6 mini African drums, 6 tambourines, 5 woodblocks and 12 jingle bell wrist bands. That’s a lot of instruments – so we bought a big plastic box to store them in as well.

Jemma explained that the box would be shipped out to Ghana in a container full of resources for the school and should arrive in around twelve weeks. We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of the children playing them – and we couldn’t resist having a little play ourselves!